IStrike Shuttle


Take office warfare into the sky with the Dream Cheeky iStrike Shuttle.  This 3-channel Helicopter is wirelessly controlled by your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad through Bluetooth®

With the free and fully equipped iStrike Controller app you can make the iStrike Shuttle go where no Dream Cheeky gadget has gone before.  Make it hover above the unsuspecting heads of your targets and drop an iStike Bomb at the exact right moment.  Its uniquedesign and flying pattern give the iStrike Shuttle an almost human character.  Yet it's surprisingly easy to control.  It even comes with an attachable bright orange training wheel that makes landing easier.  Novice or devoted flying object expert; find out which of the many control modes suits you best and take over the sky!

  • 3-channel indoor helicopter
  • Drops ping pong balls
  • Various G-Sensor and Joystick modes to control flight
  • Easy flight with advanced balancing gyro technology
  • Optional training wheel for easy landing
  • Ready to play, rechargeable lithium battery included
Lujex U810A iHelicopter

Lujex© U810A i-Helicopter

This 3.5CH Mini RC helicopter with a built-in Gyro is controlled by any iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or many Android smartphones.  It shoots 2 missiles from a button located on the app.  Flight time is between 5-8 minutes based on a full charge of the helicopter and the transmitter.

i-heli 770-110a

i-Helicopter© model 777-172

This Helicopter is an iPhone, iPad & iPod touch controlled helicopter. The Helicopter APP can be downloaded for free on the App Store. This is the revolutionary way to fly a helicopter. The Helicopter utilizes the latest wireless technology to Communicate with iPhone /iPad/iPod touch. With the helicopter and iPhone, iPad or iPod touch in your hands, it is convenient to use them together and experience the fun. You just touch on your iPhone/iPad/iPod screen then you'll gain the full control of your copter. It is truly comfortable to fly this way and it relaxes your fingers and nerves from bending physical remote controller.

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